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Sky Porn on Flickr.

Sky Porn

See what i got in my email! Thank U for offering me the priceless gift of a breathtaking sunrise!

I am so touched and humbled knowing that although you are not that mad about photography, you risked your life and limb going over the railing just to capture this to remind me what a sunrise looks like! sniff sniff more tissue please!

but hey, what the hell! offering a fiery sunrise to a vampire? you’re evil! LOL but seriously, thank you forever.

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Pastil: budget meal on a banana leaf

Pastil: budget meal on a banana leaf

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PASTIL was one of the first food items that I looked for when I finally got back to Davao City last month, after over six years of being away. Pastil is one of the most popular delicacies in Maguindanao and Cotabato, particularly at the public market area and at small roadside restaurants.

It is not that common in Davao City but I remembered a couple of food stalls sell it near Ecoland Bus…

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Tikod amo: A bite of a monkey’s heel

Tikod amo: A bite of a monkey’s heel

IMG_0123IT’S usually monkeys who bite people, but if you go to Surigao del Sur, you have a chance to bite a monkey—and right on its heel too.

However is not what you think. Visit Erve’s Fastfood in Lianga, Surigao del Sur and try a rare and exotic dish that has drawn thousands of visitors from different parts of the world to try it.

It was the first day of  our three-day trip to the province of Surigao…

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kadayawan festival 2014 on Flickr.

"Kadayawan sa Dabaw" is Davao City’s most colorful festival in celebration of life, culture and a thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest. It is held on the third week of August every year.

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Puto Maya and tsokolate

Puto Maya and tsokolate

  011 - Copy FOR six years, I’ve craved for puto maya and sikwate the way they cook and serve it at the public market in Bankerohan in Davao City, and the craving finally was satisfied one late night at the same place I used to have it before.*?

Puto Maya is one of the all-time Filipino favorite  delicacies made from malagkit or sweet, sticky rice soaked before being cooked with thick coconut milk and mashed…

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Gianna in black n white on Flickr.Gianna in black n white

Gianna in black n white on Flickr.

Gianna in black n white

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that stunning moment on Flickr.

16-year old Gianna Camacho just declared 2014 Miss Marianas Teen
Saipan, CNMI

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Chick in an egg

Check it out!
The trick: never ever look at that little slippery feathery guy before you swallow him (or her?) because it will haunt you for the rest of your life.